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Your Pastors:

John R Martinez and Felicitas (Chita) Martinez

Jesus, my savior!!! February 1981, Jesus Christ came into my heart and is continually molding me to HIS image. In spite of all my defects and faults, HE loves me, oh how HE loves me!! My lovely, wife, Felicitas "Chita" Martinez, my High School Sweetheart and I have been married since 1971!! God is Good

Amazed as to what God has done in my life. Never in a million years, did I think I would one day, I would be an Ordained Minister of the Assemblies of God an General District Presbyter of the Southwest District Council of the Assemblies of God and Senior Pastor of New Beginnings Assembly of God. I just love our Lord Jesus Christ, His mercy, compassion and forgiveness are beyond words can not describe. !

I am humbled by his never failing love and allowing me to be His servant.

And as for my wife,Felicitas "Chita" Martinez, known by the church as "Pastora Chita"; she has worked with Girls Ministries ( FKA Missionettes) for over 30 years at local, sectional and district level. 

She received her ordination on July 13, 2016, at our Southwest Disctrict Council. She remains very active in the church helping her husband, in all areas. Such as preaching, the nursery, Girls Ministry, Women Ministry, Prayer Ministry (Has a very passionate heart and spirit for prayer) and she has indeed a true servant's heart!

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Men Director

Ivan Enriquez