What to Expect

What to Expect

Chance Chances are, when you visit New Beginnings Church, you will have all kinds of questions running through your mind. This page is to help you answer some of those questions before you walk through the door of our church.

How do people dress?
Jeans or suit...it doesn't matter to us. Wear whatever is comfortable and modest. For some it will be dressy, for others casual. We don't care what you wear, just that you visit.

Does New Beginnings Church welcome people with a lot of baggage or a broken past?
Yes, you are just who we are looking for. We have all been there and have found the Answer is Jesus Christ. We want to help you find the Answer, too. Come as you are and join with people just like you who have found hope and restoration through faith in Jesus Christ.

When I visit, will I have to say anything or be singled out in any way?
You can rest assured that you will never be put on the spot or embarrassed. People will greet you and say hello, but only to make you feel welcome. Please know that you can relax and be yourself at New Beginnings Church. 

Can my kids come with me to church?
Absolutely! We love children. A nursery is provided for babies and children up to 3 years old during the entire service. Just ask a greeter to show you where it is. A special church for children is provided for ages 4 to 18 after the Sunday morning worship service.
When should I arrive?
We suggest arriving about 10 to 15 minutes before the service to get seated and comfortable. See "Service Times" to get all of the start times of our services.

What kind of church is New Beginnings Church?
 We are part of the Assemblies of God fellowship. The Assemblies of God was formed in the early twentieth century as a result of the Pentecostal outpouring of God's Spirit in this country. From 300 people in 1914 to over 60 million world-wide today, the Assemblies of God is the World’s largest Pentecostal organization. We are an assembly of God's people who desire to pray, worship, and live the Spirit-filled life. To learn more about the Assemblies of God visit www.ag.org. 

How can I talk to someone to get hope, help, and prayer?
You've come to the right place. Either tell a greeter you would like to talk to the pastor, or call the church office at 623 463-8468, leave a message, and Pastor John will call you back.

At New Beginnings Church you will find friendly people, uplifting music, great kids’ programs, and life-changing messages.  

We will help you discover your purpose in life, get your questions answered, find clear direction, and build a strong family.

You can have a new beginning!